A work in progress, My West Chester is a community platform bringing information and resources to its residents in ONE place!


Technology has made it easier to access information on-line but it is still in many different places with different content areas and goals for each site.  By Bringing it all together for our town we can build each other up, ensure that we all have it ALL at our fingertips and businesses and organizations can get in front of their audience in a way that is meaningful.




the why....My West Chester Story


Married mom of three; West Chester University graduate and proud to call West Chester my home. I love our town – its charming shops, historical architecture, vibrant eateries, and burgeoning arts scene!


In 2010 we were relocating back to West Chester after spending three years out of state. Even though I had lived in West Chester for 10 years previously, it wasn’t simple reconnecting. My kids were in different stages and I needed information and resources to get reacquainted within the community: things like preschools, after school activities, doctors, hair salons, babysitters. There wasn’t a one stop shop for information and resources that I could go to – an online “best friend” that could guide me in the right direction.


That’s when I had my “ah ha” moment. What if I created a platform that provided this information and helped connect people to their West Chester community?  It took a while to decide to go after this dream, but it is time!


I invite you to join me on this journey to let My West Chester guide you to all the wonderful things in our town, and share with us if you know something we don’t!


What is your West Chester story…