Community Connector


What is My West Chester? A work in progress, My West Chester is a community platform bringing information and resources to its residents in ONE place! Technology has made it easier to access information on-line but it is still in many different places with different content areas and goals for each site. By bringing it all together for our town we can build each other up, help ensure that we all have it ALL and businesses and organizations can get in front of their audience in a way that is meaningful. What is a Community Connector? The Community Connector aims to be the subject matter expert in one or more areas/categories. If they are not naturally the expert from life experience, they research and seek out those that can provide that perspective. Our Community Connectors are the literal rock stars of our town. They have a solid command of their areas and have built strong relationships with those around them. The end goal is to mimic a network of information that is unmatched by anything we can achieve alone. By sharing, we help each other and the businesses and organizations that make our town so special! IT'S LIKE BEING THE BEST FRIEND THAT KNOWS EVERYTHING! POSITION DESCRIPTION - duties are, but not limited to: Ensures that relevant topics and content exist on their pages that will drive natural adoption for residents as a resource and deliver the exposure our partners deserve. Build relationships and secures Partnerships with the businesses listed in the directory. (Note that our directory will aim to have "everyone" in the directory so that we have credibility and can drive value to our community, but partners will have enhanced listings and other services as outlined in membership levels) Ensures the directory listings and events are correct, relevant and always up to date. Hosts interviews with category influencers and members to promote their events and businesses. Pushes out social media posts according to membership levels of their Community Partners. Assist and consult with Partners on ideas for offers and promotions that can generate positive marketing exposure for their business or organization. Select and manage any Brand Ambassadors assigned to Partners. Host Q&A sessions on FB one time per month to field questions and create a positive community. Follow up on any questions that cannot be answered and add to knowledge base Cultivate influencers and experts to our FB Group Create Profiles on Partners according to their membership level. Do periodic and consistent audits of information listed on your pages to ensure accuracy and relevance. Networking within the community. Connecting Partners to other Partners. Stays abreast of Social Media trends and helps partners implement them in their strategy. QUALIFICATIONS Resident of West Chester Bachelor’s Degree (or pursuing one) Ability to write content with minimal direction Comfortable with Networking Well versed in Social Media and willing to learn and stay up on Social Selling Strategy. Marketing, Communications experience a plus but not required A MUST: Driven by making connections and energized by helping others!



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